Google Ads Training

PPC Marketing                                   

  •  Introduction of PPC and Paid Marketing                                                 
  • Google Account Setting                         
  • Account Structure and Setting             
  • Adgroup Setting                                   
  • Keyword Research for Add                   
  • Understanding Bidding Concept           
  • What is quality Score                           
  • How you can Improve Quality Score   
  • Understanding Concept of CPC’s       
  • Creation of Ad Formats
  • Understanding of Ad Extensions

Display Advertising

  •  What is Display Advertising                   
  • How Display Ads Works                       
  • Creation of Display Ads                         
  • Strategy and statics of Ads                                               
  • Creating Remarketing Campaign
  • Target Right Option with Display Ads
  • Ads Formats and Size
  • Examples of Good and Bad Ads
  • Understanding of tools for Display Ads
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Understanding Remarketing with Display Ad
  • Benefits of Display Ad
  • Display Ads Marketing
  • Track Users with analytics

Extra Not Aware About This

  • What is DCA
  • Create a DCA Campaign
  • What is Conversion
  • Implement in Conversion Rating
  • Calculating ROI
  • Segment and filters
  • Search Terms and Ad Auction
  • Customization Tools
  • Access Level
  • Google Adword Editor Tool


Online advertising is a important part of your website and business that will give top rank to your website, which increase your business rapidly. Online advertising is a very broad subject which contents Cost per click, Pay per click, Bidding Concept, Display advertising, Content advertising, Content Marketing, Remarketing and other ways of Paid Marketing.