Digital Marketing Basics

The marketing landscape has changed from a focus on traditional marketing to focus on digital marketing. People think that there are two types of marketing - the old traditional way of marketing (TV, Radio, Newspaper and Magazines) and then there is the new way of digital marketing (Display Ads, Search Ads, Social Media, YouTube and so on).

Since consumers have started using personal digital devices like laptops, mobiles and tablets, the focus is shifting towards digital marketing.

But, are these the only two types of marketing?

Kind of yes... if you take into consideration the medium on which it is served.

But as a marketer, you should not be concerned about the medium. See, the medium can be anything. First it was print. Then it was radio. Then it was TV. Then it was the Internet. Then it was the apps. Tomorrow something else might be the medium.

So I believe that as marketers, we should not be concerned about the medium in which the message is served. We should be concerned about what is served, to whom it is served.. Not where it is served.

When people differentiate marketing only by "Where" and "How" it is served, I believe we are limiting ourselves. The medium doesn't matter at all. What matters is:

  • Who am I communicating with
  • What I am communicating
  • Why am I communicating.

Not where or how I am communicating. So now based on these new questions, In this module of our digital marketing course... we are going to focus on fundamentals of marketing.

Topics of Digital Marketing Basics Course

  1. Introduction to Marketing
  2. Marketing Terminologies
    • Difference between Product and Service
    • Difference between B2B vs B2C Marketing
    • Difference between Prospect, Lead and Customer
    • Difference between Sales, Marketing and Advertising
    • Public Relations (PR)
  3. Marketing Funnel
  4. Marketing Mix - The Traditional 4P's of Marketing
  5. Types of Marketing
  6. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  7. Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing
  8. Digital Marketing Techniques

Course Outcome

This course will help you understand role of marketing. After completing this module, you will be able to understand basic concepts of marketing - traditional & digital both. This chapter is a foundation of our Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur.

Reference Book

Godin, Seth (2018). This is Marketing. Portfolio Penguin.
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