Data Analytics Training

1  What is Data Analytics                                  

2  Importance of Data Analytics for your Business                                  

3  Different Tools and Softwares for Analytics                                           

4  Understanding Kpi (key performance metrics) in Analytics                             

5  Track Dwell time for all pages                

6  Understanding Bounce Rate for website and pages                                       

7  Track Visitors and Users for each page                                              

8  Daily Report of Conversion and Exit Rate                                                

9  Account on Google Analytics

10 Realtime Report

11 Setting of Analytics with website and SMM Platform

12 Mobile Traffic Report

13 Know Active User

14 Understanding User Behavior

15 Understanding Traffic source

16 Know SEO Traffic

17 Adword Traffic

18 Social Traffic

19 Site Speed Analytics

20 Track Events 

21 Measuring Result of Landing Page

22 How to Implement Conversion By Analytics



Web Analytics help you to know about user behavior on your website. It will track each activity of user and help to improve that so you can get more visitors and customers. There are different tools and softwares which helps to track users and generate report on daily basis but one of the important tool is google analytics which works on google algorithm and help to rank your page on google.