Digital Technology Academy is now a unit of VentureHeap Academy. Courses of Digital Technology Academy will be delivered in VentureHeap Academy Format.

About Us

About Us

The era in which we are living is the era of digital solutions, today every work; be it socializing, official work, paying bills, online bookings, playing online games, etc. all relies on digital solutions. Today digital technology provides best answer to every possible question.

Our Institute aims to develop skilled and talented manpower pool for the global industry need. We have laid the foundation of our institute with the vision to promote the knowledge of digital marketing amongst every individual as there is no eligibility criteria for this course but students, sales and marketing professionals, IT professionals, entrepreneurs, working professionals etc., can enhance their skills and can radiate their knowledge back to their companies, peers, team leaders and officers. We aim to kick start the careers of youth immediately by empowering the skills for employment and entrepreneurship. Our institute offer comprehensive programs which will cover all the aspects of digital marketing. We have trained and skilled faculty to provide best knowledge in every area of digital marketing.

The New Way to Success


Cost effective than Traditional Marketing, Digital marketing delivers conversion, Generate better revenues, Encourage interaction with target audiences, Establish brand reputation, Higher return on investment, Build people's trust Encourage interaction with target audiences, Influence people to take favorable action.